Get more done with less time & labor
Revolutionary Poultry & Produce Harvesting Equipment

Get more done with less pain & labor

Revolutionary Poultry & Produce Harvesting Equipment




Back Pain


ProVeyor Wagon

A hydraulic conveyor wagon that allows for more efficient harvesting and packing - without needing to be manually moved.


RoHand II

Cover large areas of ground in less time and without bending over; designed for strawberry patches, weeding, and more!


Chicken Reaper

A 500-pound-capacity powered system that makes bird removal and transporting bulk items easy in poultry houses.

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With over 3 generations of experience in the manufacturing and produce industries, Harvest Pro Mfg has the experience and ingenuity to take your operation to the next level!

The product is excellent and so are the people. They care about about their product and their customers.

Harvest Haven

I bought a ProVeyor x17. It works well, has good craftsmanship, and high quality. I would definitely recommend them to other farmers interested in buying. They are very nice and accommodating to my needs. There were also very thoughtful and open to addressing my concerns.

Hoa Nguyen

They were attentive to our needs, quoted a great price, and produced a one-of-a-kind ProVeyor Wagon that is superior in the field. They have provided follow-up support as needed and are always ready to assist our needs.

John Dyott

Produce Harvesting Equipment & Poultry Machinery Done Right

We manufacture a variety of innovative harvesting aid products to help vegetable and produce crop farmers improve their productivity in planting, maintenance, and harvesting of their vegetables and produce. A hydraulic-driven harvest wagon, a battery & solar-powered picking assistant for planting or harvesting, and a Chicken Reaper to make maintaining your poultry houses easier. Our products are guaranteed to last and provide years of service to your farm. Harvest your strawberries, melons, pumpkins, and squash like never before.

According to USDA studies, the US fruit and vegetable industry is labor-intensive and a costly endeavor.

Labor costs alone make up almost half of the production costs of produce and fruit. As a result, efforts to reduce labor costs is an ongoing challenge for many produce and vegetable farmers. Most workers are hired on a seasonal basis, thus a high turnover of labor is common in the industry.

Harvest Pro Mfg. fully understands the challenges small and medium-sized farms face in these labor costs. We focus on producing innovative equipment to efficiently increase your productivity and improve your health which in turn gives greater returns.

Investing in our equipment, specifically a ProVeyor conveyor wagon, the harvesting assistant RoHand II, or the Chicken Reaper, will lower your overall labor costs and improve your efficiency and production.