About Us

Harvest Pro Mfg originally started under the name "Fisher Sprayers" in 1978. Since then, the business is on the 3rd generation while keeping the original vision alive: to help produce and poultry farmers with efficient machinery designed to make their jobs easier!

Our family continues to design and manufacture machinery specifically built with produce farmers and poultry farmers in mind.

We thrive on reverse-engineering our equipment to make it the most efficient it can be. Every part of the process is thought-through to reduce issues and maximize your efficiency and labor.

If you have an idea of something to make your farm more efficient, we would love to hear it - please drop us a line or call us on how we can help your farm!

What We Believe


To use our company to bridge the gap between the old & new, between what you envision and what you experience.


To see produce growers full of joy, delighting in their fields, with extra energy to enjoy their family at the end of the day.


To design and build, innovative and efficient machines which reduce frustration and back-breaking work for produce growers worldwide.

Our Core Values


Doing our best at everything we do. Not cutting corners in manufacturing or design. Ensuring that every product that goes out the door is up to our production standards.

Bridge Building

Finding creative ways to create solutions for produce growers' challenges and ideas.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Finding ways to eliminate wasted time, motion, and energy in our manufacturing processes and for our customers.


It is our goal to honor our commitments and own up to our mistakes. We commit to uphold what is right and be honest in all our efforts.


We pursue excellence in everything we do. We are not content to settle for ordinary. We seek a larger goal. We believe by creating reliable products we can help you work in a safe and productive environment. It is our goal to produce the best products possible and then aspire to improve on them if possible.

Family Oriented

We encourage family values and family-operated businesses. We believe family businesses can enhance long-term commitment to each other. We seek this not only in our own family, but for yours as well. We hope our products help you save time, so you can have more time to share family life together.

Eternal Perspective

We seek to make decisions today that serve our Creator and make a positive impact on the world He created beyond our lifetime. We believe by living each day in light of eternity we can establish values that will leave an influence on our community for good.