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Trailer Quick Specs:

  • 18 and 24 foot lengths
  • Optional metal sides or canvas cover
  • Trailer style for easier maneuvering
  • Adjustable conveyor height
  • Tilt conveyor angle
  • 12x26 10-ply low profile tires
  • Tandem axle for 8-ton gear

Understanding the produce farming industry drove us to look for ways to improve harvesting time which increases profits. The purpose of the trailer is to accommodate better maneuverability when pulled by a tractor. These wagons are perfect for those heavy watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, or sweet corn bins. Try one of our hydraulic powered conveyor wagons to speed up your harvesting and save your back.

The ProVeyor Trailer is a custom harvest conveyor trailer with a hydraulic conveyor that is extended out over the rows of produce. The ProVeyor Trailer can be adjusted to as low as 14” from the wagon bed or to as high as 40”. With optional rails around the edge, you no longer need produce bins, but can place loose ear corn, cantaloupes, watermelons, and/or similar produce in the wagon without them falling off. The HarvestPro conveyor is 30 feet long and has slats every 12 inches. The hydraulics are powered by the tractor's hydraulic system or a self contained hydraulic unit can be installed.

Harvest workers can walk along the conveyor and place the crop, such as cauliflower, melons, cantaloupe, squash, lettuce, broccoli, and more, in the conveyor to be easily transported to the packer. The packer on the wagon can adjust the conveyor via the hydraulic lifts to better accommodate the position of the pickers. Also, as harvesting progresses and the produce bins or floors get full, adjusting the conveyor forward or backward on the wagon is easily accomplished by the packer. When the wagon bins are full or harvesting is completed, the conveyor can be conveniently stowed and the trailer can be pulled back to the farm.

Proveyor Trailer Standard Features:

  • Available 18 and 24 foot lengths
  • Powered by the tractor’s hydraulics or separate hydraulic unit
  • 12x26 10-ply low profile tires
  • 8-ton trailer
  • Optional canvas cover for sun shade
  • Optional metal railing keeps produce on the trailer
  • Can be customized for your specific farm needs

Photos of the Proveyor Trailer